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From @nagila_loyola on Fri Aug 17 05:32:32 EDT 2018
é hj a merda da reunião
From @nickyhcastillo on Fri Aug 17 05:30:50 EDT 2018
@darnitJC G mam. Kapag nakakita ka ng mayamang ganyan gawin nating test case. Lol. Hanap ka sa may Ayala Heights o? https://t.co/gnNlZ1I3e6
From @aronssi on Fri Aug 17 05:21:37 EDT 2018
Studied at Loyola High School
From @Viviana38397370 on Fri Aug 17 05:20:30 EDT 2018
#melevantoconmega saludar a nuestro querido sobrino nieto Thomas Loyola que cumple 3 añitos ???????recibe todo nues? https://t.co/N5AZ2w25Ky
From @theashab_ on Fri Aug 17 05:12:35 EDT 2018
4am and i?m looking for a new lash tech, nail tech and hair stylist while i?m at loyola and the lord blessed with @desdottcom ?
From @mardecampos on Fri Aug 17 05:10:46 EDT 2018
El alcalde de Medina de Rioseco, David Esteban, viajará en los próximos días hasta la ciudad argentina de San Luis? https://t.co/7n6SmO6tVx
From @aarismendiz11 on Fri Aug 17 05:02:57 EDT 2018
RT @WMUMensSoccer: FINAL | No. 14 WMU 3, Valparaiso 0 Broncos conclude preseason with 1-0-1 record and are set for the regular season open?
From @domtotal on Fri Aug 17 04:59:48 EDT 2018
Os insights psicológicos de Santo Inácio de Loyola https://t.co/3UQ4VvO7zL
From @geomar_loyola on Fri Aug 17 04:57:48 EDT 2018
RT @onelucangel: Odeio quando tô conhecendo um @ e ele fica me chamando de "mano" "lek" uo
From @geomar_loyola on Fri Aug 17 04:57:01 EDT 2018
Trocar o dia pela noite é um caminho sem volta