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From @aaron_snowdon on Sat Oct 20 07:53:09 EDT 2018
Never a dull moment
From @ResponseLTD on Sat Oct 20 07:50:06 EDT 2018
And they are off - lots of luck for today's trek to the top of Snowdon! The ERA Invincible team will take on the 7?
From @HASSRAWM on Sat Oct 20 07:49:11 EDT 2018
HASSRA members from Shrewsbury recently walked up Snowdon, raising over 400 for mental health charity MIND. You ca?
From @coffee_cakekids on Sat Oct 20 07:44:13 EDT 2018
Going to the top of #Snowdon is something we've wanted to do since we moved to #NorthWales. We finally got up there?
From @TheLynnLegend on Sat Oct 20 07:43:19 EDT 2018
Made it @ Mount Snowdon Summit
From @SieurdePonthieu on Sat Oct 20 07:32:16 EDT 2018
One of them is the ancestress of the Earls of Snowdon & Viscounts Linley
From @kerry1971 on Sat Oct 20 07:30:54 EDT 2018
RT @heathmounttrips: Early morning departure in order to cover the 130+ miles to Snowdon. Team feeling fresh but with the odd ache! Thank y?
From @olb1992 on Sat Oct 20 07:30:08 EDT 2018
Virtual cache at the top of Snowdon. Was too busy to grab the other ones up there as the train down was leaving soo?
From @x_darksouls_y on Sat Oct 20 07:30:07 EDT 2018
Anybody know whether scaffel pike is the Dark Souls of Snowdon?
From @darren_snowdon on Sat Oct 20 07:29:51 EDT 2018
RT @SunderlandAFC: Ha'way the Lads! ?? #SAFC #WEARONOURWAY