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From @stetomcasson on Tue Jan 27 05:18:28 EST 2015
That time of the year again, this time it's rnd, snowdon climb in 6 weeks, one of toughest things I've done, gym time training starts now
From @Lisa_Snowdon on Tue Jan 27 05:14:39 EST 2015
@DollyATL @958capbreakfast @daveberry_tweet ????
From @snowdon_chloe on Tue Jan 27 05:11:07 EST 2015
@HuntAimee u got scabies
From @tomcarradine on Tue Jan 27 04:57:44 EST 2015
@Se_Railway @greg_snowdon It's been like this for months. I've told station staff in the past, but it never seems to get fixed.
From @ymasftmgc on Tue Jan 27 04:54:20 EST 2015
Hannah Snowdon is only five years older than me and I look like a fucking thumb next to her I stg if I don't change within the next year
From @Se_Railway on Tue Jan 27 04:27:16 EST 2015
@greg_snowdon I will check with the Station team
From @greg_snowdon on Tue Jan 27 04:17:57 EST 2015
Good morning @Se_Railway. Any idea of when the machine will be fixed?
From @snowdonsplendor on Tue Jan 27 04:15:25 EST 2015
RT @SAEvans66: Bangor students wearing trainers rescued 2,500ft up Snowdon
From @Christal__H on Tue Jan 27 04:05:42 EST 2015
RT @iveybusiness: To work in health care, you don't need to be a doctor or nurse - there are other positions to pursue
From @flowxrcrowns on Tue Jan 27 04:01:07 EST 2015
what if I faked Hannah Snowdon again. Probs gonna do it.