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From @MontrealPokemap on Wed Feb 14 22:52:18 EST 2018
[Pierrefonds] Chansey (F) (IV: 33% - CP: 776) until 08:03:30PM at 4361 Boulevard Jacques-Bizard? https://t.co/XDqsSWmyhS
From @MontrealPokemap on Wed Feb 14 17:53:32 EST 2018
Chansey (F) (IV: 48% - CP: 885) until 05:12:27PM at 10845 Rue Jacques Bizard https://t.co/EwOfIe7kk2 https://t.co/e7zGPeQsks
From @MontrealPokemap on Wed Feb 14 06:17:02 EST 2018
[Pierrefonds] Chansey (F) (IV: 57% - CP: 876) until 06:46:05AM at 4361 Boulevard Jacques-Bizard? https://t.co/1izaqLrVoG