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From @jinoodler on Tue Sep 19 19:38:48 EDT 2017
my little portugal is here and i couldn't be more proud :')
From @moemoebeee on Tue Sep 19 19:34:08 EDT 2017
Nothing like a little pit stop to Portugal
From @nialltojade on Tue Sep 19 19:15:31 EDT 2017
vejo uma bandeira de portugal no perfil das little mix ?
From @glampjm on Tue Sep 19 19:02:56 EDT 2017
Dear BTS do you see that little red thing? That's Portugal! DONT FORGET US BC THERE ARE MANY ARMYS HERE. I love you?
From @sarabeatrizamor on Tue Sep 19 18:58:16 EDT 2017
@Harry_Styles And next time you're on tour remember that There's a little country next to Spain called PORTUGAL! Don't miss us again ?
From @carthografo on Tue Sep 19 16:42:26 EDT 2017
RT @PauSanM: A little country so-called Portugal @Gabri91MG
From @StanaCaskett on Tue Sep 19 16:10:40 EDT 2017
@AbsentiaSeries @Stana_Katic @SPTV @AXN_Portugal @axnhu @axnpl @axnro @axnbg @axncz @showcasedotca Look at that sup?
From @KBinmyveins on Tue Sep 19 16:00:40 EDT 2017
@AbsentiaSeries @Stana_Katic @SPTV @AXN_Portugal @axnhu @axnpl @axnro @axnbg @axncz @showcasedotca Our little dork ???
From @WhiskyWingman on Tue Sep 19 15:58:20 EDT 2017
Easing myself back into #myhotellife with a little Juan Lopez 1864 Chiado ER Portugal 2014 as tribute to my friend??
From @Der__Chris on Tue Sep 19 15:06:19 EDT 2017
Narrow but sweet little streets ?? #portugal #porto?