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From @BeenAround3 on Mon Sep 18 11:52:16 EDT 2017
@TheTorontoSun Ain't going to work anywhere>I live in the McGill Ghetto where there is the constant smell of pot
From @Aretho on Sun Sep 17 15:01:00 EDT 2017
@amoyal Signed! I live right in mcgill ghetto so i have to listen to the announcer the whole day too ?
From @mysterious_i_ on Wed Sep 13 16:21:03 EDT 2017
2nd power outage in one week... wtf McGill ghetto ? ??
From @BlnStreetArtist on Mon Sep 11 08:32:27 EDT 2017
Ghetto McGill - Exile on Ontario St posted a photo: Graffiti du Ghetto McGill (Milton Parc), ruelle entre l'Ave...
From @noise_of_art on Mon Sep 11 08:22:09 EDT 2017
Ghetto McGill Man #streetart