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From @ColinPyka on Tue Apr 25 23:09:27 EDT 2017
@patersonjeff Do you think these are fair comparisons? Patrick = Ryan getzlaf/Eric staal and hischier =Claude giroux?
From @ThunderousDan on Tue Apr 25 17:29:44 EDT 2017
@manninm29 @TheBillKenney @ryan_koenig @ChuckWolter @quiznightnick Tim Horton, Bobby Crosby, MAHBOI Emre Can, Joe Frazier, Claude Grioux
From @NitoArtana on Tue Apr 25 16:16:51 EDT 2017
Claude Puel: Saints star Oriol Romeu is almost as good as N'Golo ... #saintsfc ?? ??
From @Ryan_0connor on Tue Apr 25 09:09:56 EDT 2017
RT @BBCSport: N'Golo Kante? Or Oriol Romeu? Southampton boss Claude Puel says they have the same qualities. #Sain?
From @TheProtonicLion on Mon Apr 24 12:28:47 EDT 2017
RT @pmtrudeau: «Le 3 décembre 1980, M. [Claude] Ryan s'est déclaré partisan de i'incorporation d'une charte à la constitution canadienne.»?
From @ryan_trollip on Sun Apr 23 23:33:17 EDT 2017
RT @LouiseMensch: Claude Taylor lives up to his handle. The United States is angry. Justice will be served ice-cold with plenty to go round?
From @EDM1336 on Sun Apr 23 16:36:08 EDT 2017
Bobby Ryan is the dude. Probably my favorite player, aside from Claude Giroux, who doesn't play for the Capitals.
From @rfgpolijunkie on Sun Apr 23 15:19:26 EDT 2017
@HackswithHaggs Not a shot. Serious question. Is Claude vindicated relative to Ryan Spooner? Also, who making lineups? Cassidy or Sweeney?
From @The_Little_Shop on Sun Apr 23 14:21:56 EDT 2017
Marie Claude Robbie and Ryan robbiemacarthur Welcome #thelittleshop #lapetiteboutique?
From @McStag on Sun Apr 23 12:02:48 EDT 2017
@breannad Claude hates young guys though (see Spooner, Ryan). Galchenyuk is on the first bus outta town.