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From @MaxONeile on Wed Sep 02 02:21:42 EDT 2015
@fakelavy on the real, Ryan getzlaf or captain claude
From @martin_pm on Mon Aug 31 12:07:03 EDT 2015
La Commission Corbillard me donne envie de vomir le livre beige de Claude Ryan: #polQc #polcan
From @Domains90210 on Mon Aug 31 00:24:27 EDT 2015
@an_array @Ryan__Hyman @jmmaltais Thanks for connecting! All the best, Claude
From @Ryan_____Lee on Sat Aug 29 17:03:40 EDT 2015
RT @sprague_paul: Popular on 500px : Bihoreau gris juvenile by claude-commencais
From @Ryan_Julian_23 on Sat Aug 29 10:21:18 EDT 2015
RT @Prambors: Aktor Jean-Claude Van Damme belajar berbicara bahasa Inggris dengan menonton kartun The Flintstones. Kalo kawula muda? #Pramb?
From @StarFortress on Fri Aug 28 23:15:47 EDT 2015
1907 - Jim Casey, 19-years old, borrowed $100 from friend, Claude Ryan, to start a local delivery service, now known as UPS.
From @c_boiteux on Fri Aug 28 22:36:06 EDT 2015
Couillard Bourrassa Claude Ryan Jean Lessage Mario Dumont Lisa Frulla #plq #6personnes
From @Pinnpoint1 on Fri Aug 28 14:46:09 EDT 2015
Today In 1907 "American Messenger Company" was started by Jim Casey & Claude Ryan.Now called "United Parcel Service". #Flashback #Fridays
From @BigEarthsupply on Fri Aug 28 14:14:03 EDT 2015
Random Friday Fact - On this day, 1907 - Seattle teenagers Claude Ryan and Jim Casey started a local delivery...
From @LALUNAshipping on Fri Aug 28 12:47:52 EDT 2015
Happy birthday @UPS! we would love to see your #cyclemessengers again!! like in 1907 did Claude Ryan and Jim Casey