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From @Katrina_15 on Fri Aug 17 05:39:34 EDT 2018
I've been to clubs with unisex toilets at the Gay Village in Manchester and the loos were disgusting @thismorning
From @VinceMattucci on Fri Aug 17 05:22:08 EDT 2018
Ieri sera al Gay Village prima dei Gin Tonic
From @DietschDesigns on Fri Aug 17 05:16:11 EDT 2018
Tiny Russian village won't host gay pride parade
From @n_alexeyev on Fri Aug 17 04:20:55 EDT 2018
Russian Village Cancels First Sanctioned Gay Pride
From @n_alexeyev on Fri Aug 17 04:15:24 EDT 2018
Very good summary of the situation with the Gay Parade in Novoulyanovk! - Russian LGBT pride parade approved and im?
From @leonsfangirl on Fri Aug 17 04:07:25 EDT 2018
@DC_Douglas Welcome to my home town! May I suggest a visit to the Gay Village ( That's genuinely what it's called?
From @BelgSerpent on Fri Aug 17 03:19:22 EDT 2018
Am on my way to Poland bc @itsg8ime couldn't handle being the only gay in her village
From @south_dakoda on Fri Aug 17 03:05:05 EDT 2018
As a non-coastal queer academic, I'm just too simple to understand their posh West Village "hyperbolic gay dialect"?
From @FedericoClemen8 on Fri Aug 17 03:04:48 EDT 2018
Gay pride parade briefly allowed, then cancelled in Russian village of 7 residents ? RT World News
From @cjholebristol on Fri Aug 17 02:49:33 EDT 2018
RT @WeirdBristol: Aretha Franklin never visited Bristol, so I can't find a way to tweet about her on topic. But I grew up with Aretha in my?