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From @TheeHonestAndy on Fri Aug 17 00:34:08 EDT 2018
@ConnorHalley It used to be the best way to spend a football game. 2006 QB1 champions at the old Peppers in Westmount Mall. ??????
From @jr_lemay on Thu Aug 16 23:47:17 EDT 2018
RT @PaddyIQ: M. Fitzgibbon réside à Westmount ! C'est loin de Terrebonne dans tous les sens ! https://t.co/CLHfERyEC3
From @ericvinnyg on Thu Aug 16 23:26:21 EDT 2018
Eric Greene - Ride for Cancer 2018 The Westmount Riders are biking 100 km to help raise money to fight Cancer.....? https://t.co/a7hGgXgYJC
From @Lockeblog on Thu Aug 16 23:07:41 EDT 2018
Public Poetry celebrates F. R. Scott - Westmount Magazine https://t.co/pJnaG1fVIZ @deanleckey @CanadianPoets? https://t.co/8Kfc1mII0C
From @evolvingblue on Thu Aug 16 22:49:58 EDT 2018
Can't decide if this is a progress shot, or a sneaky shadow position shot. @ Westmount, Edmonton https://t.co/IT2WV8kcJc
From @theovicro on Thu Aug 16 22:14:15 EDT 2018
RT @PaddyIQ: Pierre Fitzgibbon, un banquier de Westmount qui se présente pour servir les petits gens de Terrebonne ? Plutôt un autre hypocr?
From @PaddyIQ on Thu Aug 16 21:24:56 EDT 2018
La CAQ présentera un banquier de Westmount dans Terrebonne, Pierre Fitzgibbon. https://t.co/HDO17Vab9M
From @GuelphFireCalls on Thu Aug 16 21:04:44 EDT 2018
From @fratschko on Thu Aug 16 20:34:00 EDT 2018
RT @JenMac66: Welcome to the neighbourhood @Kelseys ! You got two thumbs up from the munchkin (and her mom) #westmount #ldnont
From @theovicro on Thu Aug 16 20:05:21 EDT 2018
RT @PaddyIQ: @schpierre Il réside à Westmount ! https://t.co/O0yCXbBLIw