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From @ViauPark on Wed Dec 12 17:22:38 EST 2018
Westmount AFC et Galt FC. Demain.
From @catsinthebagpur on Wed Dec 12 16:55:19 EST 2018
?Girl Friday? Artist Andrea Pottyondy by JR Fine Arts on Wednesday, December 12. https://t.co/OMpnQTBY1E
From @Siobhan_Gillen on Wed Dec 12 16:52:43 EST 2018
Kindergarten Ss observing the new portable being added to our school yard! Who knew it came in two parts?!? https://t.co/BuRye3hiDw
From @VilleWestmount on Wed Dec 12 16:45:03 EST 2018
L?événement Thé-Jouet avec la fondatrice Ginger Petty et la mairesse Christina M. Smith | Founder Ginger Petty and? https://t.co/QxLvAiD6Bl
From @angfromthedock on Wed Dec 12 16:43:38 EST 2018
Wonderful day spent at the 27th annual Toy Tea at Victoria Hall, Westmount. A tradition of giving from @LMHFHockey? https://t.co/jGYJ3JvMH5
From @LPS_Westmount on Wed Dec 12 16:37:55 EST 2018
Our Grade 4/5 and Multi Needs classes welcomed back the @TBDHealthUnit for the second session of 'Cooking With Kids? https://t.co/hkcuGcO3tC
From @LPS_Westmount on Wed Dec 12 16:33:50 EST 2018
Great STEM activities for our academy intermediate students! Catapults and structures built for strength. Stay tune? https://t.co/2l6UKqThj8
From @LPS_Westmount on Wed Dec 12 16:30:53 EST 2018
The students in our Multi Needs and Special Needs Classrooms took a trip to Intercity Shopping Centre this morning? https://t.co/MB9ywQkge1
From @aok_tvdsb on Wed Dec 12 16:05:04 EST 2018
On the third, fourth, and fifth day of Tweetmas, we shared our thinking during partner and whole class discussion.? https://t.co/SXl1w0TmyP
From @Mollyke01 on Wed Dec 12 15:32:57 EST 2018
@MarcPDumont @seanrcampbell Your right Marc. Some pretty nice evergreens in Westmount park